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Getting a Bowl-cut
It's going well

24 Nov 2012 Played at Spots GM Chris. Players Dave, Don, Carlos, Vera, Spot

We went to the bar to await our meeting with Vanthis, After arriving early to scout the area and finding nothing, we went into the bar. Speaking to no one and ordering no drinks, we sat sullenly and silently at the table for 2 hours, then got up and left, again without speaking to anyone. A small child pick-pocketed the necromancer, who then dazed the fleeing helpless orphan. A presumed city guard showed up and scolded the necromancer, and took the child away, promising punishment. A second pickpocket had worse results, when after pickpocketing Brock, a plate-mailed Dwarf jumped off a roof and landed on his head. Unfortunately for us, we followed the chase into an ambush, With the Acro Gnome absorbing a minor arrow wound, and the necromancer/pincushion getting a sprain in a failed attempt to follow the scoundrels up a sheer brick wall. While proceeding to the taxidermists to begin our preemptive strike on the thieves guild to liberate the city of their tyranny, we spotted one of our ambushers going down into a well. Not being the sort of party that is easily deterred from following a predefined plan, we ignored this lead and went to kick in the door to the taxidermists, where the always ready to assist city guard accosted us, in particular a kindly, gentle and infinitely patient and polite harmless gnome gnamed Metro was roughly manhandled by the savage rude and unruly brute. After a gentle tap on the head from the pious cleric, the guard saw the error of his ways, and joined us inside the taxidermy shop. With the surprise discovery that our entry was blocked, the drunken and slovenly guard decided to stay and watch the shop, first borrowing the kindly gnomes manacles. The rest of us thanked him profusely, and didn’t maim him, draw or quarter him, or drop his miserable self down a well where he would have been eaten by an alligator silencing his wearying corrupt voice forever.
Next, the dashing Acro turned invisible and scampered down the well, reporting back that it was likely a saltwater well, as it dropped into a giant cavern with a beach. We jauntily followed, with the necromancer again heroically placing his life on the line, interposing his tasty body between the rest of us and the giant crocoldilian with the unsated appetite for city guards. The mighty dwarf (looking resplendent in his new plate mail) and pious cleric defeated the monster, rescued the fair nonmaiden necromancer from chewy soggy doom, and mostly dodged flying arrows. After a quick healing of the unconscious & drowned pincushion, we bravely left behind the hidden archers and ventured down a hallway to a door. Forgoing the joy of smashing it down, we turned the knob, entered, defeated a poker wielding torturer, freed her victim, and returned to the cavernous, flooded entrance. This time the archers were held at bay by the taller party members (necromancer & cleric) holding the torture tables to protect us. This also saved our smaller members from drowning, as they held onto the table legs. The rogue & fighter spotted an illusory wall, which we smashed through with picnic table in hand, defeated an archer, manacled a valve so it wouldn’t get away (and presumably flood the tunnel we are heading down), and this endeth part 1 of beneath the taxidermist’s covered hole adventure.

used invisibility potion, 1 major, 3 minor heals (I think), dwarf is still under effects of potion of swimming, I don’t remember if I cast anything. Maybe a flare, or a sleep that failed to do anything? If you remember, remind me.


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